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We are offering an amazing CPM in each plan. 1K CPM average that can oscillate between 1-5K.


We provide unique dedicated server proxies with an unlimited pool and a constant renew flow that makes them rotating.

Multiple Locations

We have dedicated proxy server in 16 different location in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

24/7 Support

Our team is working hard 24/7 to provide the solutions to all your questions.

Proxy locations

The global reach and the local presence you need

Tokyo, Japan

Atlanta, USA

Chicago, USA

Sydney, Australia

London, UK

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Frankfurt, Germany

Paris, France

Dallas, USA

Los Angeles, USA

Miami, USA

New York, USA

Seattle, USA

Silicon Valley, USA

Toronto, Canada


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Standard Proxies

Looking for proxies? ProxyFlix is a solid answer to "Where do I purchase proxies?".
  • 5000 IPs
  • 200 Threads
  • Anti-Ban Poxies
  • IPbind Proxies
  • Rotating Proxies
  • 16 Locations
  • High CPM
  • Unlimited Bandwith
Want More?

Advanced Proxies

  • 10.000 IPs
    One of the most popular reason that brings people to buy here is the need to get very good and high amounts of proxies at a very good and competente price.
  • 500 Threads
    Here you have the possibility to purchase proxies, with an incredible quality-price relation.
  • Predictable Performance
    We provide one of the best proxies with unlimited bandwith in the marketplace.

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After Receiving the code all you have to do is to join our server, open a ticket and send us your code to claim your product.

24/7 support

Our Support team is doing their best to provide as soon as you contact them.


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You can also reach us by email on our contact page.

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We provide the best Rotating IPv6 Proxies, so you don't have to care about proxies anymore after starting using our service.
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